People come to our site all the time wondering, “how do I become a Bud Light girl?” Ladies, get ready to bestow upon your bountiful bosoms a beautiful Bud Light blue top, because you’re about to join the elite marketing world of Beverage Promotion.

Bud Light Girls Smile! Bud Light Girls Have Fun! Bud Light Girls Are The Life of The Party!

Yes, we’ve all been to a bar on beverage promotion night, where free crap and drink samples are handed out hand over fist by some of the hottest girls your local town has to offer. But how do you start getting paid to party? We have a few thoughts that will help you along your path to becoming a Bud Light Girl.

  1. You should have excellent communication skills. You’re going to spend an evening as a representative of my personal favorite adult beverage, and you should be able to comfortably talk with people while maintaining a professional attitude.
  2. You should be attractive. You don’t have to be a supermodel hot! You do have to be attractive on the inside and out in order to make it in this business. Smile, laugh, and have fun! You’re getting paid to party!
  3. You should expect to be paid around $25 to $35 per hour to promote Bud Light. Yep, it’s the best job ever – you make bank hanging out in a bar selling beer and handing out free stuff.
  4. Have fun!

Think you’re ready now? Try contacting a promoter in your area. Do a google search for alcohol promotions or ask a local bar manager for a reference.

Welcome to the club!