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The Lizard King of Bud Light



The staff was out at at some college house parties last night looking for a few hot Bud Light girls to promote the site, when we saw this warlock running around like a crazy little Bud Light hobbit. “I am the lizard king!” He would shout, tapping people on the shoulder and licking their cheeks. Of course, we had our camera on hand and were able to snap a quick photo for the site. You guys keep drinking Bud Light, we’ll keep posting pictures of your shenanigans.

Vibrating Budman Cooler



Budlight Fan

I made this in my garage and drive it all around. The best part is the cooler vibrates when we hit 5 MPH.




Sent from Jorge:

“The sweet beer tastes so good. In my country beer is not of a legal kind. It tickles my belly i must smuggle two beers in at a time to get that sweet taste. Beer taste good with corn.”

Hehe Beer Rocks!


Boobs and beer

I sent this in to get all you guys hot and wild. I like when i pour beer on myself and let my poodle Skippy lick it off!

Breakfast in Bed



Got this email from someone today:

Hey Drinkbudlight!

This morning I woke up and had one of those moments when you don’t remember where you are. I remember going to the bar last night, and I remember telling everyone that my name was Aztec, but I don’t remember much more than that.

As my eyes adjusted, I realized that I was in a strange bed and looked over to see this blonde girl next to me enjoying a cool, refreshing Bud Light. “Breakfast in Bed?” she asked. I responded with the first thing that came to mind…

“Marry me?”


There you have it. Adventures in Bud Light don’t stop at the bar, they follow you home and keep you toasty warm through the morning after as well. Another successful match made through beer, I love it!

Bud Light at the Wynn Pool



Some guy who calls himself Bosablo sent us this photo along with the following email:

Yo,! Greetings from the great Bosablo! I’m drinking Bud Light in the pool at the Wynn Las Vegas right now, and it’s pretty freaking amazing. The hot Vegas sun warms my body as the cool refreshing Bud Light cools my soul. It just isn’t a party unless it’s a Bud Light party.


Is that an outdoor craps table that I see in the background? BUD LIGHT STRIKES AGAIN!

First Post!



That’s what I”m talking about. Welcome to, where the women sing and the beer flows like the salmon of Capistrano. Seriously, we take drinking seriously – and so should you. That’s why we’re dedicated to life, liberty and the pursuit of hot women drinking from each other’s cleavage! Remember to always make it a Bud Light, and when you do don’t forget to send us the pics!