Nice Cans.

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There's nothing better looking when you're wearing a see-through top than the beautiful Bud Light logo shining through. Add a can of my favorite beer to the mix and you have yourself one hell of a photo. Welcome to the illustrious front page of!

Sablo Strikes Again

By | 2014-01-26T05:40:41+00:00 December 10th, 2012|Beer Animals|

The one known as Sablo has struck again, sending us this gem of a photo in which he dons the ultimate crown - a Bud Light box. Well done sir, we salute you and your style.

A Bud Light Gown for Formal Occasions

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Many women often enter their closets and exclaim, "I don't have anything to wear!" Therein lies the problem, they're looking in their closets. There's perfectly acceptable, nay, beautiful and convenient attire sitting in their fridge. Ladies, when you boyfriend is done with that thirty pack, treat yourself to something nice [...]

Becoming the Bud Light Knight

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We came across this guy on the instructables site. Haven't you ever wanted to go into battle in full Bud Light regalia? We know you have. It's one thing to wear a Bud Light shirt or wrap your tasty beverage in a Bud Light coozy, but if you really want [...]