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A Bud Light Gown for Formal Occasions



Many women often enter their closets and exclaim, “I don’t have anything to wear!” Therein lies the problem, they’re looking in their closets. There’s perfectly acceptable, nay, beautiful and convenient attire sitting in their fridge.

Ladies, when you boyfriend is done with that thirty pack, treat yourself to something nice and wear the box.

Hot Bud Light Girl Chugs Like a Champ



Yes, she’s drinking at a perfect 32 degree angle. Absolute perfect chugging form. 10/10, would give another Bud Light.


Sitting on the ground due to no chairs left… No big deal, I’m drinking Bud Light! outcome = sweet ass picture


XO-        Michele

Becoming the Bud Light Knight



We came across this guy on the instructables site. Haven’t you ever wanted to go into battle in full Bud Light regalia? We know you have. It’s one thing to wear a Bud Light shirt or wrap your tasty beverage in a Bud Light coozy, but if you really want to show your love for our favorite cerveza there’s only one way.

Make a Bud Light Helmet, wrist guards and swords and go forth into battle! There is a crusade happening as we speak against the heathen, watered down light beers we have come to loathe.

Check out instructions for how this guy made his suit here:

Becoming the Bud Light Knight


We Hate to Watch Bud Light Girls Go…


Bud Light Girl Nice Ass

But we love to watch them leave!

We are Back, drinking more than ever!


Bud Light

Life is good and we are back, Send your pics and comments.

Corey Feldman is Back, Ladies and Gentlemen, and He Likes Bud Light


Cori Feldman doing his new gig, passing out beers at furby parade.

Lil Wayne, Bro


Little Wayne the rapper getting crunked off budlight after the release of his new album little mushroom tip, a mix tape with puff diddy sean combs. Inside scoop

Budlight Girls


Are budlight girls are paid to well… They need to show more skin