We are Bisexual!!!! For Budlight!

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  We all went out to a bud light bash and turned off our rabbits for bottle action. We then went to the local college and were pouring beer all over ourselves then a executive approached us from and gave us each a grand for this photo shoot! This [...]

Sexy Budlight Girl

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Here you go guys i won major prizes with the sexy costum i should be the next budlight girl! Does she cut it for the 10,000 dollar budlight girl challange!

Beer Costume

By | 2009-08-17T19:00:58+00:00 August 17th, 2009|Girls|

Please post my pick! I am a bed side night stand! Should we count this post? Tell me Bud fans what you think.

Boys drink me up

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"As a national beer giver to budlight drinkers across the world I am there to let you tap into my  sweet nectar that we all know and love called beer. Drinkbudlight posted my pic in which I am only wearing duct tape!  Next picture I will only wear a bottle cap" Send [...]