New Bud Light Can Design


Sure, we’re biased. We love everything Bud Light, and we love awesome new things! The new Bud Light can design has a few things we love:

  1. It’s super blue. Blue is our favorite can color for beer as long as it also has the words Bud Light on it.
  2. It says Bud Light on the can. That’s how we know it’s perfect for beer pong.
  3. It’s been scientifically theorized that this beautiful new can design has the power to mesmerize its prey (us) and force us to bow to its will (drink it asap).

At we fully endorse this new can design and we have the receipts prove it.

2016 Big Game Commercial: The Bud Light Party


At Drink Bud Light we wholeheartedly endorse Bernie Sanders for President, but if the Bud Light Party ever comes to be we will be sure to switch our allegiance to Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer because…well…beer!

2016 The Bud Light Party Is Coming


There is no middle.

Hottest Bud Light Commercial – Arianny Celeste


This is pretty much the hottest commercial ever made. So much delicious Bud Light! Arianny Celest ain’t so bad either.

Hooters Bikini Contest Versus Bud Light Girls


We all know that Bud Light girls destroy Hooters girls when it comes to hotness. What’s even hotter though? How about Hooters girls serving Bud Light to Bud Light Girls on a jet. Everyone loves Bud Light on a flight, right?

Ready for Awesomeness



I’m not sure where she’s going, but I’m sure that she’s ready for whatever! Yeah Bud Light!


Watch the Bud Light Mega Brand 2011 Calendar Shoot


Check out the hot Bud Light Girls from this calendar shoot!

2014 Bud Light Big Game Commercial


Ian Rappaport Commercial from the Big Game 2014! Go Bud Light!

Bud Light Body Paint




Bud Light Lime in the house with some nice painted boobies. These are a few of my favorite things!

Awesome Ladies Drinking Bud Light